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Analysis of Impact Crusher’s Advantages and Disadvantages

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Because the impact crusher is better material particles, in the aggregate production in the other broken equipment has unparalleled advantages, it is important to broken equipment. Function of each device cannot be large or perfect, otherwise, there would be so many broken equipment. Today we have to fully analyze the impact crusher’s advantages and disadvantages .

Firstly, we look at the advantages of impact crusher bar. First, it can be broken better than jaw crusher and comparable, even greater than its crushing ratio, with a large reduction ratio, which can reach 50 or more. Impact crusher provide fine particle sharp, it’s the biggest advantage of it. Impact crusher can crush big limestone, shale, sandstone, granite into polygonal gravel, because polygonal gravel combines well with cement so it’s best aggregate in high-class construction such as highway, high-rise etc.

Another point is that the production impact crusher fine granularity. Its special impact crusher setting broken materials is often the most vulnerable aspects of their broken down, this selective fragmentation method, the particles form a cube a high probability of drought. This makes the impact crusher percentage flakiness product content can be less than 10%, while the jaw, cone and roll crusher products such as the percentage flakiness level is higher than 15%.

Seeing the advantages of impact crusher, we have to analyze its shortcomings it. Impact crusher is broken by the impact of the principle of materials, the combat parts, such as: hammer, hammer boards, counter boards, wear and tear in use very quickly. This defect, in the very long period of time, limits the application of impact crusher range. It can only be used for crushing the hard materials. So in high hardness material crushing such as cobble, it’s hard to crush them and flat hammer, liner plate even whole crusher will be damaged. In order to avoid this, we usually use con crusher instead of impact crusher then send the...


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