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Rosalind Rialp

Direction:   Write A, if only the first statement is TRUE; B, if only the second statement is TRUE; C, if both statements are TRUE; and D, if both statements are False.   This is a right minus wrong test.   (2 points each)

  1. A
  2. C
  3. Term has two logical properties, its quantity and its quantity.   Comprehension is defined as the sum-total of all the subject/object to which the term is correctly applies.
  4. B
  5. Universal extension refers to all the member of the collection.   While Particular extension refers to an indefinite number of members of the collection.
  6. C
  7. A statement is true if it is logically deduced from a given premises.   And an argument is valid if it has a one to one correspondence with objective reality.
  8. A statement is particular if it has an affirmative quality.   And a statement with a universal subject has a particular distribution of the predicate term.
  9.   An A and E statements are categorical propositions with universal/singular Subject.   While statement I and O are propositions with particular distribution of their predicate term.
  10.   Affirmative statement ha a particular distribution of the predicate term unless its predicate term is singular.   And Negation statement has a universal distribution of predicate term is singular.
  11.   Categorical propositions are statement that shows a relation of assertion between clauses.   While Hypothetical proposition show an assertion between the subject term and predicate term.
  12.   Simple argument is the smallest component part of a discourse.   A statement is the component part of an argument.
  13.   The validity of the argument is different from the truthfulness of its conclusion.   The conclusion is said to be valid if it is logically inferred from the given premises.
  14.   Deductive reasoning is a process of argumentation where we infer a particular statement from a general principle.   And...


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