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Digital Thermometers

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Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers are mercury free. These thermometers contain thermistor inside the tip which is used to measure the temperature. They provide quick and highly accurate results over the body temperature range.
These thermometers are easy to read with LCD display on them. They are equipped with beep alarm & memory function and can record a wide range of temperature. Doctor’s thermometer which are mostly used can read temperature between 94oF and 105oF (35oC and 42oC). It is three in one thermometer as it can record oral, auxiliary and rectal temperatures.
Cap is found at the top of the thermometer, since this part is held away from the body. It is of bright colour and made up of smooth, hard plastic. The main function of this cap is to protect the battery from the outer environmental conditions.

The battery is made up of metal and it is small and silver in colour.

The type of the battery used to power the thermometer is called button cell. In technical language it is known as LR41 battery. It supplies a voltage of 1.5V under normal operating conditions. It has excellent resistance to leakage and can be stored for a long period of time. It is placed in the compartment at the back of the body under the cap.

The body of the thermometer is made up of the slightly hard plastic as compared to cap. It measures 100.5mm long and the width increases from bottom to the top. The widest part is near the cap and the thinnest part is near the tip. It houses the display screen, electronic circuitry, power button and other parts. The design specifications vary from manufacturing company to company.

The push button is used to switch on and off the thermometer. As the button is pressed to start it, a beep signal sounds just for a second to shown that it has turned ON.
The display screen also known as a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen, is rectangular in shape. Normally used screen measures 15.5mm long and 6.5mm wide. The main...


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