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Ever Child Is Special Review

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A Film that’s Special to My Little Heart

It is said that once in our life, there are things that will really touch and influence us in the way that we never imagined.   It may be in the form of books, event and even movies.   I am not a movie enthusiast but everything had changed when I saw the Indian movie entitled, “Like Stars on Earth, Every Child is Special”. This movie is all about a young boy named Ishaan Avasthi.   He was an eight-year-old boy who dedicates more time to dreaming up wondrous worlds of animals and kites than he does to finishing up his schoolwork. He always failed in all his subjects and even complained that all he could see are the dancing letters and numbers. He can’t read or write well simple phrases and sentences. Everything was very disappointing in him except in his incomparable talent in painting.   His teachers, classmates, friends and even his own father bullied him for being dumb, idiot, bird brain, and stupid.   When Ishaan got in trouble at school and his parents reached the end of their patience, it was quickly decided that the best thing for everyone is to send the boy away to a school where he can be properly disciplined, in the boarding school. Upon arriving at his new school, Ishaan was disheartened to find that things there are much the same as they were back home; he's still a misfit, but now he doesn't even have his parents to talk to. He was so miserable and he even stopped painting.   Later, newly arrived art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh arrived at Ishaan's boarding school looking to liven things up by getting his students to think outside the box. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of students respond to their free-thinking new teacher with great enthusiasm -- all except for Ishaan. When Ram noticed just how unhappy his most imaginative young student really was, he vowed to break through to Ishaan and unlock the promising young student's full potential. He found out that like him when he was young, Ishaan was also suffering...


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