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Bria Robinson
English IV Honors

My name is Bria Noelle Robinson. I am currently a senior at Overton High School. I am 17 years old. I am a 4 year honors student that holds a G.PA. on a 4.0 scale. I am involved in several clubs such as the National Honors Society, Student Government Association, Bridge Builders, Key Club, and the Yearbook Staff. I have more interesting things I would like to share about my life such as, my personality, my goals, and my family.
My personality is like no other. I am very unique. I never like to be compared to anyone. It is important to me to always go with what you feel is best for you. I like to keep an open mind. In my opinion close minds never discover new things. Leadership has always been important to me. I enjoy taking on leadership roles. But, I have learned in life that to be a leader you also will have to follow. Confidence is my attitude. I am strong. I like to use my strengths to build up other people’s weaknesses. I am very bubbly. I love to have fun and laugh. I like to be the person that people go to when they are down, or if they just need someone to vent to. Helping people with their problems is my specialty there is never a time when I will not listen. Music is my life, and singing is my first love. I could never skip a day without music. I am very intelligent and respectful. Respect should always be given no matter what the situation is. I like to get involved whenever I can at school because different clubs and organizations can improve your personal development. I have learned many things from the different clubs I am in. For example, being apart of Bridge Builders helped me work more efficiently with groups. Bridge Builders has also taught me how to become a better leader. Bridge Builders has actually been my favorite experience I have had when it comes to club involvement. These are the most important things about my personality.
My family is everything to me. I am the oldest out of two...


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