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What Is Art?

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Quotes I wrote this as I was looking around my kitchen, realizing how much art is truly in my life. I hope you enjoy it! A special thanks to my friends, family, and teachers who encourage me to keep writing. Quotes
What is art? Art is defined as the expression and application of one’s creativity, typically in the form of something visual. The definition of art is in the eyes of the beholder. Many dig far too deep into the ambiguity of the actually definition of art itself that they forget to appreciate the significance of art in their lives.

I think in order to fully understand the definition of art, one must picture what life would be like without art. Consider the impact of life without your favorite pictures hanging above your bed; the cute little ceramic cow saltshakers on your kitchen table; your favorite computer game without graphics; that graffiti on the side of the bridge that you had grown so fond of; the song that you religiously replay on your iPod. Art is even proven to galvanize certain parts of our brains to make us giggle, cry, and all emotions in between.

In 1404, Donatello, an Italian Renaissance artist created a sculpture called ‘The Androgynous David,’ meaning his sculpture represented characteristics of both male and female genders. David is a biblical figure, and Donatello portrayed him during adolescence- a time for many in which is often confusing. Many people during the Renaissance thought that Donatello portrayed David in a poor, scandalous way; thus, his sculpture was only displayed in very private viewing. Many even argued that ‘The Androgynous David’ was not even art.

Maybe it is merely a “sign of the times”- that what art those who dwelled during the time of the Renaissance once deemed scandalous, we are very much tolerant and appreciative of now. If it were not for those humanists who created this art we look back at now, art would not have evolved into what it is now- the shoes you are wearing would have never been...


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