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Electical Failure

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Electricity ceases to exist
The modern world as we know it is completely sustained by the use of electrical functions. The Technological advances in are life’s have become completely necessary for day to day life. Society as a whole couldn’t be very functional without some type of electricity to power their houses or possessions. So naturally a post-apocalyptic world would be extremely difficult to live in. We would have complete anarchy. Breakout of diseases that we cannot cure anymore. Wars over power that everyone will think they’ve earned.   Education would no longer be needed and there would be a high demand for those in agricultural fields. Six billion people thrown back into medieval times would be total chaos.
If theoretically we had a complete and total electrical failure then humans as a whole could not be coexistent. We have had many battles over very futile and mundane things.   To even expect the human race to get along would be very childish. If it was to happen I do believe it would be an all-out war. Governments and hierarchy would completely fall. Battle for power would be everywhere.   People who shouldn’t even be in charge would try to take over. There would be no rules or laws to keep people intact. I know people think they can live without rules and regulations but the truth is if they didn’t exist no one would have clue what to do. Complete and totally anarchy would ensue. People would be battling for food and water. They would be battling for land and livestock. We would see a perpetual decline of empathy for others. To think this would happen suddenly is quite scary. People are more trained in how to work an IPhone then they are to live off the land.


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