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Pygmalion," shows the English class division and social mobility. In this play, George Bernard Shaw, includes members from all social classes. The lowest (Liza), Servant Class (Mrs. Pearce), the middle class (Doolittle after his inheritance), the genteel poor (the Eynsford Hills), and the upper class (Pickering and the Higginss). The first scene shows us about the slice of the society, in which the characters from all the different levels of society are brought together by the weather. The way in which a flower girl is transformed in to Duchess is emphasized in this play.   The play is about the way a person speaks and uses phonetics.   The play depicts about the British class system of the day.
The first act begins with a rainy evening at London’s Convent Garden Market and introduction of all the characters of the play. The play highlights the British people’s recognition of speech and ascent in order to distinguish themselves from the other social class. Pickering’s ascent is a Cambridge one and will be the same. Whereas, Eliza who is born in a lower class has a very terrible ascent. She is likely to remain poor as she is born to a poor family.
People from all the sections of the society gather under in front of the Church to be safe from the rain. There are two   ladies (Mrs. Eynsford Hill and Miss Eynsford Hill mother and daughter), Freddy, their son/brother, a flower girl (Eliza Doolittle), a gentleman (Colonel Pickering), and The Note Taker (Henry Higgins). A scene starts when the flower girl, Eliza mistakes Higgins for a policeman and protests her innocence. Higgins comes forward and reveals himself to be a gifted linguist. He and Pickering, another gifted linguist who just so happens to be in town to see Higgins, introduce themselves. Professor Higgins says that he can train the flower girl, to pass for duchess at an ambassador’s garden party.
The next morning the girl appears at Wimpole Street, the place where Higgins stays, and wants to learn speech...


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