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Who is superior, men or women?
After the 3,000 years of human civilization development male and women fought incessantly to see which was superior, men or women. Both competed to see which was superior but never agreed and just opened door for more discussions. They started to fight each other and eventually going to war. There were great losses from both sides, and the war started to seem foolish from both sides. Both sides knew that none of them had benefits from these wars.
The only known world then was just 30% of the land in the world and both sides came into an agreement. Men knew that there was more land ahead, but neither of the two sides knew that the land ahead was greater. Both sides decided to try to keep peace but women backstabbed men by overthrowing them and exiling them from the continent, which was just about 30% not land in the world. Women only gave men some boats to leave the continent, even though they kept the some male children. Women created a great wall all around the continent when men left; they did this in order to keep men out.
After male civilization’s hours of seeking land their hard effort gave in its reward, they had found a vast area of land. Male civilization survived and developed extremely well thanks to abundant fertile land, lots of metals. After 10 years of development men tried to go back and share their discovery to the female civilization in their discoveries. In their return they found out of the female civilization’s wall. Men returned back to their own land, which made up the other 70% of the land in the world.
Male civilization decided to make up their own wall, but male’s walls were more advanced in architecture, and were definitely more resistant. Male civilization saw their wall as a double weapon against women; it was to keep women out (except for the ones that were already within male civilization’s wall) and to protect its inhabitants from future invaders and/or traitors. Male civilization’s hate against...


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