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Preparing to Conduct Business Research

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Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 1
Selina Winfield, Princella Walker, Katina Martins, JaCory Fitzgerald, Shante Wilson
University of Phoenix
Business Research
RES/351 Version
Bruce Cannon
April 08, 2013
  Research occurs when information is collected and analyzed and the issues at the present time have a plethora of solutions. Wal-Mart is very popular catering to families and shoppers who look to save money and find the convenience of buying their groceries and needs at affordable prices they can afford. The economy may have been negatively distressed consumers these days, so many people cannot afford to buy the high price items outside of the budget as before until things get better ; however, conversations have been reviewed as of when consumers go to Wal-Mart for their shopping needs, they notice the multiple lanes that are not being utilized.   Wal-Mart classifies peak hours are from Midnight to 5:30a.m. Which is normally just a hand full of people running in picking up a few things during those hours. The research questions that need to be asked are:
    • Why does Wal-Mart has four lanes open at hours when most consumers are shopping (4:30p.m. -8:30p.m.)
    • Does Wal-Mart believes that the longer consumers, stand in line the more he or she will purchase
    • Seeing the things around the cash wrap creates impulsive buying
Researchers always think about hypotheses when we are observing something. A hypothesis are defined in many different ways. Some hypothesis is either “if, then” and sometimes called no difference hypothesis. A scientist uses the null hypotheses to examine things for experiments because it is simple to disprove a null hypothesis, which can be evidence for a relationship between variables that are examined. With regard to hypothesis to the Wal-Mart lane dilemma there are a number of ideas we could explore.
      The first most frustrating experience is, after seven o’clock or any time after the amount of cashiers on...


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