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Book Review

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Title of Book:   Killing Mr. Griffin
By Lois Duncan
Killing Mr. Griffin is one of the most interesting books I have ever read.   It’s about a group of student that wanted to scare their English teacher, but they accidently killed him.   Anyway, I’m going to summarize the story right now.
Susan McConnell (Sue) was one of the main characters and she was a good student.   She didn’t have a very great time with her own family, and she always wondered to herself “someday-.” On a windy day, when the idea of killing Mr. Griffin occurred to them, Sue met David Ruggles (Dave) as he was chasing his flown homework papers.   Dave was the president of the senior class and both of them had always received good grades for everything till they had Mr. Griffin’s class.   Susan was too shy to talk or hang out with anybody and had never been dating before.   When the bell rang, Mr. Griffin, a teacher who was considered to be very serious and strict, entered the room.   The whole class hated him because he did not baby them like other teachers did.   Students came up with excuses for their homework not to be done, but he never accepted.   Jeff Garrett was the first one to come up with the idea about killing him, but he wasn’t serious.   However, Mark Kinney supported his idea and wanted some others to get involved, too.   Betsy Cline, Dave were some of the students, and Mark also picked Sue as their decoy.   Well of course, they didn’t mean to kill him, but they planned to scare him so he could give all of them better grades.   Dave lived with his grandma and his special mother who could still supported her own family after being deserted by her own husband.   On that afternoon, Mark, Jeff and Betsy came over to his house to ask him to be part of it.   After he had agreed, they needed to persuade Sue, too.   First, Dave was inviting her to go to a picnic.   Then, they talked about the plan.   Susan was surprised, but she accepted it because Dave was telling her to join them and she...


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