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Causes of Pollution

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Title: Causes of Pollution


Pollution is a serious issue in our life. As a common sense, there are many types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution and so on. These pollutions have caused our beautiful earth to become dirty and ugly. Our daily life has also become suffering because pollution causes various healthy problem and negative effect.


Main point 1: Air pollution

First and foremost, air pollution is caused by the release of toxic gases from vehicle, factory and open burning. Nowadays, the amount of vehicle increase day by day, especially in city. People strive to have a more convenient life by driving their own vehicle to destinations instead of taking public transportations. Most of them do not like car pooling and this action cause the increasing of vehicle on the road. This situation has increased the emission of carbon monoxide to environment and it is very harmful. The other reason of air pollution is the manufacturing factory. During the process of manufacture products, toxic gases has released. Besides that, some irresponsible public still practice open burning to dispose their household wastes. Although it may be a convenient ways to dispose rubbish but actually it is harmful to the environment and will make the quality of air become worst. Therefore, air quality of surrounding getting more polluted because of the release of useless gases from vehicle, factory or open burning.

Main point 2: Water pollution

Next, water pollution is also a problem that we are currently facing. We cannot live without water. However, the public likes to throw the rubbish into the river and it may cause the pollution of water. This dirty water will flow into the sea and actually this water is the origin of the water that we use for daily activities through the water cycle. Harmful waster from the factory also is one of the reasons of water pollution. The industrial waste has changed...


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