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Marriages in Argentina

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Marriage is a social institution that creates a conjugal bond among its members. This tie is socially recognized , either through legal or by way of the customs . Marriage establishes between the spouses , and in many cases also between families of origin of these - a series of obligations and rights are also set by the law , which vary , depending on each company . Similarly, marriage legitimizes the filiation of children born or adopted of its members, under the rules of existing kinship system .
The marriage beyond being a marriage bond is the configurational social institution of the family, and therefore , finding directly related to the birth rates of societies where consoliden.
As an institution very widespread in the world - though not universal - the definition of marriage is a matter of various disciplines . From the point of view of Western law , marriage is a union of two people that is intended to constitute a family . Until recently was considered an essential element of the definition the fact that both parties had to be of the opposite sex, but in recent times this item has been due to the opening moderations , in some jurisdictions , marriage between same sex.
On the other hand , in view of the ethnographic information obtained from diverse societies, the anthropology of kinship defines marriage as the union of two or more people who meet socially defined gender roles , even for gay marriage. [ Citation needed ] Marriage , from the anthropological point of view , is an institution that legitimizes the offspring of a woman and make alliance relationships between kinship groups which come their members.
Marriage can be civil or religious , and , depending on the religion or the legal system, the rights, duties and requirements of marriage are different. However, not all companies make the distinction between civil marriage and religious marriage . This distinction can only exist in those contexts where the state has attracted the recognition of...


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