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Who I Am

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Young, Adree
Eng 1113.3
October   15, 2013
Who I Am
It was chilly, just like any other November day in Coleman, Oklahoma. I started my day just like I always did, I woke up, got dressed, and went to school. Basketball wasn’t fun, just like normal. It was just a normal, plain Jane, kind of day.   I never thought that what seemed to be such a normal day would change me for the rest of my life.
Near the end of the day the school recieved a call from my dad. The call was to inform my sister and I that my grandma was going to pick us up that day because my mom had passed out at work and was at the hospital with my dad to figure out what was wrong. Of course, I instantly started to worry, but I reassured myself that my mom was one of the toughest women on the planet and that everything was fine. My mom and dad did not get home until later that evening due to the several tests they ran on my mom. As usual mom didnt think   much   was wrong with her, dehydration was her guess on why she passed out.
After many doctor appointments and many cat scans and MRI’s we finally found out the real reason why my mom had passed out that day at work. The diagnosis was a brain tumor, located on the back of her head where the neck attaches to the skull.
We were all devastated. Was it cancerous? Was it curable?   Was she going to live? Could we afford the treatment she needed?   We all had so many questions coming out of the fear of not knowing what was going to happen next.
We found out the tumor was a noncancerous tumor. We were all very thankful that it was not cancer. My mom had two options, the first option was to not take the tumor and live with it there. The option to live with the tumor was very risky due to the tumor being located near and on some nerves. If she decided to take this option, the tumor could affect   many different nerves and eventually might paralyze her. The second option was to have the tumor surgically removed. This option also had many risks...


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