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Mobile Internet

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Modeling Web Browsing on Mobile Internet
Gou-feng Zhao, Qing Shan, Shasha Xiao and Chuan Xu

Abstract—In this letter, we present a Web browsing model for mobile Internet. Instead of relying on simulation data, our approach is based on real data. We set up our model with six parameters including main-object size, embedded object size, number of embedded objects, inter-arrival of embedded objects, reading time and session duration. By using KS-test method, we fit the measurement results to matched statistical distributions. Compared to previous Web studies, our results are new findings. Index Terms—Mobile Internet, web browsing, KS-test.

I. I NTRODUCTION INCE the emergence of mobile Internet, Web browsing using smart phones, along with the growth of the number of cellular phone users, is penetrating into people’s daily life. Mobile Internet, compared with the traditional Internet, both in common, but also has its own different characteristics. On one hand, the WAP-gateway is peculiar to Mobile Internet. It connects mobile phones to the Internet, using the WAP protocol and the World Wide Web mechanisms. WAP-gateway, transferring requests and pages between end users and the Internet, is much like a proxy between the client and the server. On the other hand, mobile terminals communicate with the WAP-gateway over wireless links. These diversities indicate that the previous Internet models may not be suitable for mobile Internet any more. Therefore, if having an accurate Web browsing model for mobile Internet, it can help us design new systems, plan and optimize Websites on mobile Internet. Modeling Web browsing on mobile Internet has not been well explored in previous work, in spite of some attempts have been made. Yanbin Liu et al. [1] use the WAP site clickstream data to capture the users visiting behavior which including parameters of visit frequency, visit duration, visit depth and download...


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