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Chinese Dream

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The word "Chinese Dream" has been getting popular in China, since newly elected Chinese President Xi Jinping firstly put forward it and defines it to realize the great revival of the country. Different people would have different opinions on Chinese Dream. Mentioning Chinese Dream, of course, I mean that it is about the dreams of Chinese. From my point of view, there are two aspects---- Chinese dream of individual and Chinese dream of the whole nation.

First of all, there is no denying that everyone wants a better and happy life. Maybe nowadays most Chinese’ dreams are that they are able to afford housing, pay medical expense, find a decent job and get higher salary. There is evidence, not only an individual but also a country, of a relationship between income and happiness. To some extent, higher income means more happiness, because more money can largely meet their demands. Therefore, high-speed economic development is the first step to realize Chinese dreams----a better life and higher GNH (Gross National Happiness).

At the same time, to offer a better social environment which includes political factors, economic factors, cultural factors and message factors, is also a crucial step to achieve our Chinese Dream. Nowadays, Food safety problem has become a very severe social problem in China, such as chickens which eat ore powder for weight boost, tainted pork, tainted milk powder and tainted rice. It’s high time for government to make strict effort to improve food quality.
Thus, how we can realize Chinese Dream? Xi said, “To realize the dream, China must take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The country must also foster the Chinese spirit, in which patriotism and a spirit of reform and innovation play a core role, and unite 1.3 billion people of all ethnicities into a great source of strength.” (China Daily. Online.) Only after the country becomes more and more powerful and its international status becomes much higher; what’s more,...


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