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Time for College Students to Make a Budget

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Time for College Students to Make a Budget
Have you ever considered that your financial circumstance is changing as you grow up? Has it ever occurred to you that you should be responsible for your allowance and spend it wisely? Has it ever dawned on you that you can make a budget to live a sensible life instead of squandering your money foolishly? At present, a substantial number of college students spend their money without planning, while some voices hold that college students should manage their consumptions. As far as I’m concerned, it’s high time for college students to make a budget.
Budgeting enables college students to live an orderly life. According to a interview done in 2011, a financial advisor Mr.Tian Hui working in the Industrial Bank said that college students could divide their monthly allowances into three parts once they receive their money: 50% for meals, 30% for emergency, and 20% for saving, which develops them into rational consumers and form a habit of financial management. Adopting this practical suggestion, if students make an arrangement of our allowance at the beginning of a month, it will be very clear to know how much money they should spend on studies, meals and trivial matters. After arranging the necessary consumptions, they will be aware of what kind of entertainments they are able to afford with the money apart from the above expenses. Finally, the rest of money can be saved. In this way, they are no longer afraid of running out of money at the end of each month, or even too poor to have dinner with friends any more. In addition, with the money they accumulate month-by-month, sometimes they can buy a ticket for a concert or something expensive they long for.  
Making a budget also helps to foster college students’ abilities of management and organization, which will benefit their jobs and families in the future. According to a survey of consumption conducted by a group of students in Nankai Universities in 2006 among college...


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