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Discriptive Essay English 101 a+

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ENG121: English Composition
Trudie J Harris
PROF: Allison Robertson
Sept 30, 2010

I was 12 years younger with long flowing hair, youthful full sparkling green eyes with few golden speckles.   My lips were freshly glossed and glimmering with the reflection of the bright spring sun. I walked with a long stride, my confidence radiated in my long athletic legs as I stepped out of the car. A successful confidence exuded from stride as I approached the door.   I was wearing an expensive classic tailored fit Anne Klien navy blue power suit, my steps flowed easily and my smile was soft but open and inviting as I had just been awarded sales person of the month.  
I swiftly pulled into the parking lot, parking my newly purchased silver BMW sedan. I opened the door to Starbucks with a soft seductive and feminine ease, which drew attention from even the most diligent laptop users in the coffee shop. As I opened the door the flavorful and aromatic smell of a quality coffee softly tickled my nose. I breathed deeply inhaling the delicious aroma almost ingesting a good dose of caffeine simply from the coffee fumes illuminating from the Starbucks. I had a coffee meeting with a potential client.
Upon entering the crowded Starbucks, I could hear the tapping of keyboard keys, the sizzle and gurgle of espresso and foam being prepared. A low hum of muffled conversations surrounded me.   Ching chang click and the ruffle of crumpled dollars with a thank you cued me to order my usual Carmel frappe.   Upon collecting my freshly blended milky caramel colored drink I turned and locked eyes with another patron.
He had a strong, square chin with a soft jaw line. The sunlight was dancing and enhancing his tapered, but developing 5 o’clock shadow. His chocolate colored perfectly almond shaped eyes seemed to be drawing me into to him. He reached his strong but professionally and perfectly manicure hand out in my direction with a masculine yet suave invitation for a personal introduction that...


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