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A Strange Request

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        My father and my mother were planning to go on vacation after a few months.   A few months later, my father brought our family to go on vacation.
        A few hours later, we had reached our destination of the hotel. After we arrived, our family went to eat. After we finished eating we continued back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, our family go get ready to go to the pool but I do not follow them. After they leave to go to the pool, I relax in my room and fell asleep.
        After two hours, I woke up and I think I want to look for fresh air. But when I was in the lobby, I met with a girl who was about 12 years old. I was greeted with the girl and we sat on the bench and he know each other. After we say hello, the girl who asked a very strange request. I even feel weird and I do not think long yet but I continue to receive the strange requests. The little girl asked me to do good to all people who are on the property.
        After a few days, I go to the girl that I want to see, that I was fulfill his strange request, but the boy and his family were no longer in their rooms. I went straight to the counter and asked about the boy's family to tell the girl surnamed 'do they have checked out of the hotel'? and an employee said no one named as I say and not the person making the check out in a few minutes ago. So I was surprised. I returned to my room and I fell asleep and I dreamed about the girl and her family. The little girl said to me that he would like to thank me for having a strange discharge my request was.
          In fact, I just dreamed that I slept until evening. That's the strangest request I ever dream.


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