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How to Select the Suitable Grinding Mills for You?

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Grinding is the important process in mineral or rock processing line and grinding mills play great role in milling process. With the development of mining machinery, there are more and more choices for customers in the markets. All kinds of grinding mills make consumers see dazzling. How to choose suitable for their required products, which is a headache thing. Because I am interested in this respect more, I makke full use of my free time to summarize some methods. I Hope that they are able to help you.

These methods are as following:

1. Reducer device: improve speed is the effective rule to raise the efficiency of energy-saving ball mill’s operation; the fast speed is helpful for high efficiency. Therefore, appropriate improvement to reducer device can play a certain effect, yield will increase naturally. The affluent plant can also install the frequency converter to adjust the revolving speed and achieve satisfactory results.

2. Ball mill liner: mill liner is used to protect the cylinder, avoiding the direct impact and friction of grinding body and material to the cylinder, different types of liners can adjust the state of motion of grinding body in every chamber, in order to achieve the best grinding results.

3. Ball choice: pay attention to the importance match of ball diameter, ensure different sizes of steel ball’s diameter so that you can fully grind the ore of different sizes in cavity, improving the working efficiency of the ball mill.

4. Electrical appliances: For energy-saving ball mill, increasing the current in order to improve the speed, high speed can enhance the efficiency naturally. According to the tonnage of the loading capacity of the grinding body, you can roughly determine how much power should be equipped with motor. But here to note that increase the current must not exceed the rated power range of the ball mill, not exceed the maximum load, if the current is too large, it will burn the mill motor, the loss also increases....


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