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Change in Sheila's Character Throughout an Inspector Calls

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An inspector calls
Explore how Priestly uses the changes in Sheila’s character to show his views in “An inspector calls”
In the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ Sheila starts as a typical capitalist young girl but as the play goes on she dramatically changes. Priestly uses her character to show that capitalism is the downfall to our community but he’s also stating that the younger generation can change that. J.B. Priestley voices his own ideas through Shelia. She is one of the few characters in the play who changes the most in terms of accepting responsibility for her actions. Just as Shelia changes through the novel, so should the readers views and the way they treat other people.
In act one Sheila changes from immature and spoilt to quick witted and wise. During the play Sheila says “Yes, go on, Mummy. You must drink our health” This shows how although Shelia is a grown women she still refers to her Mother as Mummy which is quiet childish. Furthermore it shows how she hasn’t truly become an adult and that she is young, and spoilt. As the play progresses she changes when she starts talking about what happened to Gerald during the summer and how he didn’t come near her. Sheila says “ I wondered what happened to you.” From this quote you can see that Sheila is more suspicious of Gerald showing that she is infract quiet intelligent. Sheila has changed dramatically from being immature and spoilt to becoming a well-rounded adult who accepts responsibility for her actions, contrary to the adults who refuse to take the blame.   In act one Sheila still refers to her mother as Mummy this shows that Priestly want the audience to know that young women would always use that type of childish language towards their family.
When Gerald proposes to Sheila in act one she is jolly and pleased with life but when the inspector and tells them that Eva Smith committed suicide she started to be more aware of her actions towards others. When Gerald gave Sheila the she said “I think its...


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