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Psychology in the Workplace

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Psychology of Health in the Workplace

      What is the definition of health? Health is defined as “ the proper function or the normal functions of an organisms parts, with them being of sound mind and or body, and them being free of any physical disease and or pain” ("Merriam Webster ", 2013). There is a relationship between health and psychology, because psychology is defined as “any mental or behavioral characteristics that is typical of an individual or a group of people” ("Merriam Webster ", 2013). Health and psychology are related because in order to be sound mind and body your mental health has to be good because if you are not okay in the mind then your body is not okay. These two subjects do go hand in hand because without one you cannot have the other functioning properly.
Lifestyle Choices that Affect Health and Psychology in the Workplace
      Any one person could be at risk for a disease or health problem, because “risk factors could be biological, or they could be behavioral” (Sarafino, 2011). If the risk factors are biological this means that you were born with the chances of developing the disease or the health problem. A behavioral risk factor could be something like how you are eating, what you are drinking and also if you exercise or not. Another really bad habit is smoking and this can cause a lot of medical issues, one health issue could be “heart disease, another could be cancer, and you could also very well have a stroke” (Sarafino, 2011). All of these could make it hard for you to work, due to being in and out of the hospital. Some people will develop cancer because of genetics and they will continue to work, but it makes it harder for them because they are constantly sick from chemotherapy. Also if you have a stroke because of your genes or because of behavioral habits then it could put you out of work for good because there is always the chance that you will not fully recover from it.
Lifestyle Choices that Enhance Health and...


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