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"Judge people with their look is WRONG." - Strobelights23

Mocking a Different Looking Grass.

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Life is just as mocking the different looking grass.
Have any of you ever seen grass? What is the shape? What is the color? Is it unusual? Do you know what grass is?   Yes, you are. In fact you are a human. But I don’t think many of you ever seen the blackish-blue one. And there are weird colors arranged there. I also never have seen one like that in my life actually. In fact I am also a human. But, unfortunately, if, someone found the grass like that, many people will say “Ugly”, “awful”, “poisonous”, and many more WITHOUT truly understand what actually it is. What is irony is if we are usual to the blue one. Many people will instead say the green one was “awful”.
This is not about grass! This is the symbolization on what we do in our everyday’s life. To be frank, lots of us if we saw someone unusual and unlike the other, the same thing will happen. For example, if we saw someone black, if a school student always failed in test, if someone speaking different language, or if they eats differently, the words like “Ugly”, “poisonous” and a lot of negative thinking will come out.   In fact we don’t even understand and even know who they are. We just measure how deep the ocean with our fingertip. We’re just guessing. And we compare and judge so much language, which is better, the Greek language or the Indian. All of this is just synonym by comparing the blue and the green one. We can’t compare them! If we want to know which thing is better, we must compare the same thing. We can’t compare a goat and a fish. Both of them have special advantage.
But still, many people are comparing the importance of farmer, entrepreneur, architect and a lot more. It can be seen in my own hometown, averagely, all people are doing business commercially. But, there are few people who are a farmer, doing their work traditionally. In fact, they are very educated. Then many people say them as stupid, uncivilized, and backward. They underestimate them. What my uncle say was true. Life is just...


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