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How to Start a Home Recording Studio

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Regarding an inexpensive but effective Home Studio: The first thing is to carefully go over your budget,because once you get going,little bits and pieces can nickel and dime you to death. KNOW how much you can safely spend WITHOUT putting yourself into financial jeapordy,and getting Financial Backers isn't always the best answer since they will often want the lion's share of any rewards plus interest until the debt is paid back in full! Thinking big is fine,but starting out small and smart is the best policy in putting together your own studio.
The next subject to ponder is what will you use it for? Is it for your own solo material,a Band,or are you planning on taking in clients? Each one can vary greatly depending upon the quality you are seeking from YOUR studio. As an example,I have worked in,Managed,recorded in,or Produced in 7 Recording Studios ranging from simple but effective equipment,to a serious basement Studio,all the way up to a current multi-million dollar Recording Facility here in Connecticut. A special note is that as you move up in the degree of Studio you work in,your abilities,ears,and skills need to also move up dramatically! But the good thing is that if you start out small,determined to succeed,and keep an open mind to learning from others,then you can develop up to whatever level you wish to as long as you can handle it. Recording Schools are great too,but they are not inexpensive,so you may wish to invest in books and videos about recording first and they can be gotten from many local Musical Instrument stores and national chains Primary And Secondary Crushers,
including mailorder.
Another option is to try to develop a relationship with someone experienced that can act as a Mentor,it can be invaluable to you! So after figuring out what level you are at first and then what you wish to use your studio for,now comes the time to start making a shopping list. If you are a beginner or even an experienced veteran,the best options would be either...


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