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Orphanage Proposal

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  * This topic is important for the future of nation as the future of nations depends upon the children. It is important because a society develops with the children who after becoming adult have same ideas and thinking’s which were at the time when they were young.
  * The main issues associated with this topic:

  i. Future of nation
  ii. Building up of society
  iii. Future of every individual orphan
  iv. Upbringing of generations
  v. Rights of children

Literature review:

  * “Alone In The World”   by Catherine reef
                                                            This book is about the history of orphanages and describes the standards of living in orphanages. The difficulties over there and the improvements that should be made. It was the first book of its kind therefore it does not cover the recent problems of orphans and orphanages.
  * “Home Away From Home” by Richard B. McKenzie
                                                            The book “Home Away From Home” highlights the great value of providing a truly stable environment for youngsters and it explains how orphanages might again be a powerfully beneficial social institution.
  * “Silent Tears” by Kay Bratt
                                                        The book balances the sadness and struggles of life in the orphanage with moments of joy, optimism, faith, and victory. It shows how to bring hope of living among the orphans.

Research questions:
  i. To identify the main problem?
  ii. What are the reasons and causes of that problem?
  iii. Who is responsible for this?
  iv. What steps should be made on personal as well as collective level?
  v. What should be done to guide the people who are unaware of the facts and problem that may be due to their lack of knowledge about that topic?
Relevant books, journal articles...


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