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Would You Give Up Your Cell Phone?

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Would You Give Up Your Cell Phone?

Me neither. I have my life in that little black box – appointments, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, e-mail, grocery list, music, and more. Texting is the only way I can contact my daughter. I can’t imagine what I would do without it.

And yet, I was one of the late adopters. When everyone else was raving about their flip phones (remember them?), I was rationalizing why I should avoid being seduced by the new technology: “I don’t use the phone much anyway. I don’t need something more versatile. It’s too much trouble. It’s too expensive.”

Boy, was I wrong. But now, those same arguments sure sound familiar when skeptics start talking about electric vehicles. This time, I did my research.

A couple of years ago, as my husband (Mr. B) and I started considering an EV, we didn’t know anyone who drove one. We depended on talking to dealers – not always the best source of practical information – and reading reviews on the Internet. With so much misinformation out there in cyberspace, it was confusing to figure out if this revolutionary step was right for us. I know I would have appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from other EV drivers about why they switched from gasoline, and how their lives had changed as a result. Maybe that would have averted some anxiety, plus provided me with some snappy comebacks for skeptical friends and relatives with their shaking heads and dire warnings.
With that in mind, I would like to invite EV owners to share their experiences, as well as their passions, observations, dreams and reactions. I want to know about your costs and expenses, your range on one battery charge in different conditions, how you charge your vehicle, your experiences with public and private charging stations, what habits you’ve had to change and how your lifestyle has been affected by inviting an EV to join your family.
For me, the changes to my interaction with my surroundings have been profound. Before...


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