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Diversity Paper
On Thursday October 17, I attended an event called the truth about diversity in the field house of the Davis' center. This event was all about diversity within our university and the main goal of it was to raise awareness across campus to everyone about the different disabilities, races, sexuality and struggles with finances. To promote each of these categories they had six different rooms filled with people who struggle or fit in to each area.
The first room we entered was for disabilities. Before I walked in our leader asked for one person to volunteer to sit in a wheelchair outside of the room, so I volunteered. So then my friend had to push me around the room to each activity. Even there I saw how much of a struggle it is to fit through doors and get from place to place. Our first activity was checkers, more specifically blind checkers. We had to put on glasses that were taped on part of the glasses to make it difficult to see or even be completely blind. We had to play checkers with our partners and it was very difficult even setting up the board because you were completely blind. The next station we had to all sit in a wheelchair and try to cross the room but the ground was covered in gravel, as you can tell that has to be very difficult in a wheelchair. It was, especially when you have one of the people behind you yelling nasty things at your while you do it. This station really made me realize how difficult it must be for the disabled especially when you have very hurtful things being screamed at you. Finally, the last station was about the bathroom. We had to sit in a wheelchair and try to move yourself from your chair to the toilet without using our legs. They had two stalls; a handicap accessible one and a normal stall, to show how tough it must be to move from your chair to the normal stall, it was very difficult. This room made me realize how hard it really is for people with disabilities and made me very aware of the struggles...


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