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Is Planet Earth Being Visited

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Throughout history and now,serious people have been reporting sightings of strange objects in the sky and on the ground with sometimes the presence of occupants.Not a day goes by without several UFO reports...........Generally,such testimonies raise chuckle and sneer from TV anchors and mainstream science........Conventional wisdom has it that huge interstellar distances preclude space travel and therefore our planet can t be visited by extraterrestrial civilizations.Such a line of reasoning should be unexpected by people who have witnessed the exponential growth of science and technology on the Earth!.......And that was accomplished in a very short period of time,a nanosecond if compared to the age of the universe..........Not long ago, pontificating scientists or science journals columnists kept repeating ad nauseam that life was an exceptional event,that the EARTH was probably the only inhabited planet in a cold meaningless universe!.......Today with the kepler telescope discovering new exoplanets at a frightful pace all these know all have changed their tune while in the meantime the DRAKE equation ,assessing the number of civilizations in the milky way has been revised upwards on several occasions,notably after finding that star binary systems could also harbour planets!........Common sense requires people to keep an open mind and by definition scientists should refrain from discounting out of hand the reality of a phenomenon which is described everyday and shows no sign of running out of steam.On countless occasions,science has been proved wrong and had to backpedal quickly after most unfortunate predictions like for example trumpeting that a heavier than air machine could never fly!.............There is an overabundance of compelling,well documented UFO cases......FRANCE with the cometa report has officially admitted that UFOs were an extraterrestrial phenomenon.....such countries as CHILI,ARGENTINA,PERU run state sponsored agencies and acknowledge that UFOs...


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