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Amanda Burdette
English 155      
Technolgy versus Traditional
Amanda Burdette
English 155      
Technolgy versus Traditional

Technology versus Tradition
Today, technology is expanding   rapidly and is   used in many different fields. In the next past few years, students   have been given   the choice to study at home with technologies such as the computer and television. However, is it really possible for students to learn at home? Studying at traditional school is the best.

First of all, although students can get information from computer technology such as the Internet, the computer is still a machine, which lacks life and is incapable of solving every question. It also lacks the capablilities to know when a student may have learning disabilities. It cannot give special attention like a student could receive in a classroom.   In fact,   most children want more interesting answers, which can help   them when they are   studying   mathematics. The program that is on   the computer still depends on people   that have designed it. So this shows sometimes using the computer to solve problems does not always teach with satisfaction. I have often used the   computer for research and have not learned anything relevant to the subject I’m researching.   The idea of using a computer to find a quick way to the answer is normally what todays society is first inclined to do instead of thinking your way through it and actually going to written research materials. Google is the number one research tool that all of my friends use. They use it for looking up recipes to trying to diagnose their own illnesses. Using a computer can be benifitial in many ways , such as having many different resources at your fingertips but another con to this is how many of these resources are actually factual and not just opionions. But my oldest son is home schooled using the resource k-12 and it is very helpful for him. He dealt with a lot of bullying at school and now he can just...


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