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Self-Respect During Unemployment

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Self-respect during Unemployment

                        Name                     :         Riad Ahmed.
                        Section                   :         23
                        Course Name         :         ENG 103
                        Course Instructor   :         Maleka Sarwar
                        Submission Date   :         21st October, 2013

                              Self-respect during Unemployment

        Unemployment (or joblessness) occurs when people are without work and actively
seeking work. It is one of the fastest growing problems Bangladesh as more and more
people are graduating from universities every year. Unemployment can affect people in many  
ways. Being unemployed can cause people to lose their self-respect. Families, friends, neighbors
play important roles in doing that.
          Family is the first to make unemployed people feel bad about themselves. They constantly
ask the unemployed ones if he/she got any job. Some of them think that he/she aren’t getting any
jobs because he/she is simply lazy. They don’t get that just because they got same education  
doesn’t mean that they are all the same. Relatives don’t understand that the situations now are
way different than the situations at their time. So what the family members do is that they make
the unemployed   ones   feel   more   depressed   than   he/she   already   do   with   or   without   knowing
it. This became more intolerable when an earning member loses his/her job. Because as he/she is
unemployed his/her family can’t maintain their social status. Sometimes they even blame the
person for having no job. This bound make a person feel so little of himself/herself.
          Neighbors are people that we see every day. Although they are a very important part in our
life, sometimes they are the ones that make the unemployed persons lose their self-respect.  
Neighbors judge all the time even if they are in no position to judge. They...


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