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Recount an Incident or Time When You Experienced Failure

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There was a time when I have indeed experienced failure, It was one of the biggest test in my high school career that test was, the New York State Integrated Algebra regents. It was a hot day in May of 2011 and I was getting really prepared for this exam along with others, but I knew that I might have struggled with the integrated algebra exam being that I was weak in math. When then was reminded by my teachers and friends about the exam, I felt like crawling somewhere and hiding from the fact maybe I might fail, or maybe over sleep on the day of the test. All emotions would come out every time I heard or even practiced for that particular exam in June. Each night that I would fall asleep after doing homework or attempting to study for the algebra regents in a few weeks, my mind would just wonder and wonder and at first I thought I was catching a few anxiety attacks but I did not. Some nights I would be have nightmares about failing that big exam, and when I would wake up think about that dream of me failure I would say to myself, “are these subliminal messages, is this really going to happen. As weeks went by, those negative thoughts at times would hinder me in a way and occasionally, low selfesttem would difflict me from studying and doing what I needed to do to pass. One during lunch I called for advice form my guidance counselor and she said “ don’t worry your’re going to do fine, just study and stay calm as possible”, and I thought to myself that’s easier said than done. As June arrived I noticed I was running out of time. I tried to studies once more and as I looked at the review pages, my mind entered a world of nervousness and anxiety. I saw the equation y=mx+b squared, my heart pounded like drums during parade, along with that sweat appeared, that night was no better. Then as those 2 days were up, i prayed every that I would get a high grade on that test. The next morning I woke up to the wonderful scent of bacon and pancakes, waffles, and eggs scrambled...


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