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Romeo and Juliet Thoughts

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The most important message Romeo and Juliet has for a person in today’s world is ‘that love does not always prevail.’ The passionate love that exists between Romeo and his love, Juliet, is a colossal theme that masks the other themes in the play. However, through their love so many people writhed in the aftermath they triggered. The tragedy of their love was that it was forbidden and even though they died in each other’s’ arms so many people were affected by what they sacrificed to be with each other. Their love is what initiated the violence that ensued in Verona.

Count Paris was a character in the play who was prepared to marry Juliet; a man who appeared awfully kind and compatible with her. At the cemetery, whilst mourning over Juliet’s body, Count Paris professed his love for Juliet. The calamity of a one-sided love was the repercussion of the love that Romeo and Juliet possessed for each other. This resulted to Count Paris losing his life through a misunderstanding; a death he was not deserving of. He endured unrequited love with Juliet even though he was worthy of love. Juliet, who blindly loved Romeo, had failed to see another man who was fighting for her affection. As Romeo murdered Count Paris his final words were: ‘"If thou be merciful, / Open the tomb, lay me with Juliet’, with which Romeo replied: ‘In faith, I will.’ This moment shed light onto the unrequited love and the painful misfortune of Count Paris that gave evidence as to why love didn’t prevail in this play. Romeo felt remorse for Count Paris and knew that he loved Juliet and as he died, one more tragedy was made due to their love. Proving that even if Romeo and Juliet were together at the end, their love would not have prevailed as it caused too many calamities for it to have actually triumphed.  

The demise of Tybalt was another catastrophe in which the reader understood what a colossal fight it was for Romeo and Juliet to be united. The constant rivalry between the Montagues and the...


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