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Opposite Déjà Vu.

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In October 26, 2013, my mom brings me to my old school. This is the place where long ago I was studying here. I am familiar with this school. The reason my mom bringing me here is to lend her a hand. It is the camping activity. And also the reason my mom brought me here is because she is the PK Kokum, some authorized person. But, in fact I don’t really like to help. Well you can see if there is work nothing for me to do. I feel like I am the person on the third wheel. The students that join the camping as participants are just 20. The irony is the volunteer for the activity is more than the participants themselves. The opposite thing happened. No big deal with the participants, but, the volunteer is very difficult to handle. In fact, they are all elementary school actually. This is the school that I use to use long ago when I was a kid. And this is the school that I am very familiar. But, without reason this is the place that was all Greek for me also. I feel like I am the alien from outside. Indeed I suppose not to be here now. I am no longer belonging to this place. Whenever I have been here, a sad feeling full of regret will be come out. My friends are no longer here. The only lefts are the kids that I don’t even know who they are. And what they think is very different from the kids in my generation in this school. In addition my teacher is the same teachers that teach me long ago. But, I feel like they are all different.
I am in the kitchen’s school. I want to help them. And yes I am helping them just a little. But I think, I am not helping, but, burdening.   I want to tell them my story. But, I think this is not right. It is all because I think I am the alien from the outside. So, I keep my mouth in silence. In fact silence is golden. Yes my mouth was not moving, but, because I have nothing to do, I keep my leg wander around. This way I think I can search for any work there. This is also the way I can prevent from the weird children.   Then, that is also the...


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