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Jerry Tamfu,
English 101
Date: 09/25/13
Rough draft.
          Vampires are folkloric revenant monstrosities who subside by feeding on the blood of the living. Through the years, vampires and their ways have fascinated masses around the world. In modern times the depiction of vampires have made great strides. The views on vampires have developed to be sophisticated and charismatic. Modern day fascination with vampires has been so immense that there are thousands of novels, films and television shows depicting various versions of vampires. Two films through which the evolution of vampires is most prevalent are the mid-century film of Nosferatu and the 21-century film of twilight.
          Some of the shared similarities and differences between the vampires involved in both Nosferatu and twilight include similarities such as their social status and social interaction with the mortal world. While there differences includes their physical appearance and dietary needs as vampires.  
            In both twilight and Nosferatu, both vampires share a great deal of similarities. The similarities that are highly prevalent are their social status and social interaction with the non-vampires. In Nosferatu, count orlok owns his very own castle deep in the mountain. While in twilight Edward a vampire who posses as a high school student, owns a stylish and cheek Volvo. The Cullen’s and their family live in a modern, slick and stylish home deep in the mountain. Edward Cullen alleged father is an extremely wealthy doctor.   With the social status both vampires share, there also comes an awkward interaction with the mortal world.
        Both count orlok and Edward Cullen also portray dicey interactions with non-vampires. At the beginning of Nosferatu count orlok’s actions toward Thomas Hutter are very strange and questionable. Ex. When Thomas Hutter accidently cuts his finger while eating. Count orlok looks at his blood and says “the precious...


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