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Doctor in the House

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The composition of this text consists of the following components: exposition, when the author gives the concept of an examination. Narration, when the author describes passing the examinations, written paper and viva, also an interesting story about marking the papers at Cambridge. The   tension reaches its highest degree when poor Gordon almost believe in his fail. And the climax, when the Author describes how the Secretary of the Committee calls out Gordon’s name, because in that moment we become interested in his results, do he pass or fail.   The author deliberately postpones the denouement keeping the reader in pressing anticipation. It   comes in the last paragraph, when he hears the magic word “Pass”.
The main idea of the text is that the examination is nothing more than an investigation of man’s knowledge. We learn about the students well, because the author created true-to-life characters, even more so the Author was passing the examinations himself.
The key word is examination, because the action is spanned around it.
And he employs a lot of expressive means and stylistic devices to make the story interesting and exciting. The text is emotionally moving, and some details produce an emotional reaction. There are a lot of epithets, metaphors, similes, hyperboles, metonymies and etc.
For example by a simile “the final examinations are something like death” the Author shows condition of a student before an examination, “like a prize-fighter” also shows a contest, then the author compares, using the simile, the students that want to produce a certain impression and looking at professor like the “impressionable music enthusiasts gazing at the solo violinist”. Medical textbooks compared through metaphor to a “well-trodden paths”.   The simile   “porters….. like the policemen” shows how severe and threatening they seems , a metaphor “…frustrated brilliance” is about a gone hope of a student.   By the syntactic parallelism “The world stood still. The traffic...


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