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The Analysis of Action of Chris in Hotel Asmara Project

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The analysis of action of Chris in Hotel Asmara project
Engineering is a profession that people should show rigorous and chariness to the occupation and society. As a professional engineer, people should perform the most consciousness of public health and fairness. In the meantime, an engineer should also consider the path of future and find out a method to keep both sides equally. In my opinion, the behavior of Chris makes both sides equally when he was in such dilemma. Not only he adopt the code of ethics, but also his strategy let he get off the difficulty.
According to the Hold paramount, project Hotel Asmara was found a potential safety risk on canopy of its building before it ready to open. It may hurt people when the city has a windy weather. The company will face magnificent plight when the accident happened at opening ceremony when dignitaries shows up. It’s not a responsibility of Chris to solve this potential risk; he just realized this dilemma before the opening ceremony. However, the person who has responsible is already dead in traffic accident. His supervisor gives him very short time to fix it which is not possible. So Chris may become a scapegoat when the accident happened like Chris’s lawyer said if he doesn’t report this situation. Chris can report the situation to Board of PE and department of inspection to force company abort the ceremony. However his action may influence the future of his career in this company. Finally, Chris decided to tell the situation to the manager and let Ken to handle the problem to keep the company safe.
It’s unethical for Chris if he didn’t tell anything truth, according to the ASCE code of ethical, “Engineers whose professional judgment is overruled under circumstances where the safety, health and welfare of the public are endangered, or the principles of sustainable development ignored, shall inform their clients or employers of the possible consequences.”(Cannon 1) Engineer should put public safety in the...


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