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What Makes an Action Morally Right?

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Philosophy Paper

What makes an action morally right?
When asked what actions are considered morally correct it’s hard to answer because everyone has their own thoughts of what is morally correct. Everyone is brought up or born in different environments which have effect on what they believe is moral. A huge part of what makes these decisions is society and culture. Every society has different views of what they accept as morally correct. What’s morally acceptable in one society or culture can be frowned upon in another.
  1. Everyone has their own morals which they believe to be correct
  2. Where people come from and how they grow up is what creates their ideas on morals
  3. Therefore society and culture decide what is morally correct.
Much like the argument above, ethical Relativism has the same ideas on the topic. Ethical Relativism considers an action morally right if the action agrees with the moral standards of their culture. It implies that there are no correct moral standards that apply to all individuals. There are morals that are right in one culture but wrong in another. Ethical Relativism has no way to determine which culture is correct in deciding moral standard, therefore the culture is what makes an action of a person morally sound or not.   However, when looking at morals not all arguments agree with society and culture.
When looking at morals it is a fact that not every culture lives by the same moral standards, but there are many arguments in deciding what makes an action morally sound. For example, there is the Utilitarianism argument. Utilitarianists believe that a right action is an action which creates the most happiness for humans. That an action is morally correct if this action creates more happiness for all of humanity than any other action available. Unlike my argument utilitarianism is that each person should act to bring out the most...


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