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Carolina Shores

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Claire Collins
Professor Howie
October 27, 2013
Carolina Shores
The beach is comforting for anyone willing to analyze the small beauties it brings. The angelic Carolina shore brings me pure joy. I taste the salt, feel the powdery terrain at my disposal, hear the joyous people nearby, and gaze at the magical place I call home. The ocean is my closest friend. I can relate to the sea on the darkest and brightest of days.
The darkest skies bring me comfort. A dreary dark sky lingers over the vast body of water. In times of pain the beach is the shoulder I lean on. I can feel the emotions of the land. Storms full of anger, winds rough enough to blow anyone’s negative energy away. When I am in times of trouble I slip on a suit, grab my board and head to my safe place. When the clouds begin to cry the ocean shakes a storm. I paddle out on my longboard and weave through the maze of white caps. They’re so white, the color of purity. It amazed me how such beauty can mask the Earth’s most depressing emotions.   During the wake of a storm you must paddle twice as hard. Waves continue to beat you down, and I start to struggle. When I become overwhelmed from treading water, waves cover me like a blanket. The struggle is the beauty. The ocean is a pit of emotions; you escape in its presence. Once I conquer the difficult paddle, I sit and wait for the right set of waves. Eyes burning bright red from the stinging salt, and my nose running like a faucet. All I can do is wait for the perfect wave. Paddle, Paddle, Paddle are the only voices in my head. The monster has arrived and it is magnificent. I spear the giant with my sword.   The cold fearsome giant will not swallow me; I fly on the crystal wave all the way to where the ocean kisses the sand. I am in my natural habitat.
The brightest days bring me comfort. Warm beams of radiant sunshine heat the soft bed of sand. I lay my towel down on the beach and soak up as much sun as I can. The sand is inviting, the surf is friendly,...


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