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Fightin to the End

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                                            Fighting to the End

It was a sunny hot day in Africa the year of 1968; Bomani was a slave for almost about 5 years. His job as a slave was to search for gold in the river. The camp looked like a dump and was filled with blood. Around the camp was the forest. There was something different that day, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. That day was the day that would change his life forever and make him who he always wanted to be.
It was early morning, all prisoners were gathered together along a stage ware humans get slaughtered. A man named Bevaun was one of the main leaders who ran the gang. Bevaun loved to hear the screams of a humans being killed. He had scars across his face, his hair was burnt in one side, and one eye was light blue. Every week he will pick the weakest prisoner and kill him in front of the whole audience. That day Bevaun picked Abel, Bomani’s best friend. As the soldiers carried Abel, Bomani ran towards them to save his friend, but was taken down by one of the soldiers who hit him with the butt of the gun. They forced Bomani to watch his friend get killed. Abel was badly beaten and stabbed to death. Bevaun decided to cut the heart out and pour the blood all over Bomani’s face. Bomani had enough of Bevaun and his gang; he decided to do something about it.
He later decided to make a group within the prisoners to lead them to freedom. This group was called LYSIMACHUS; what they call Freedom Fighters. He manages to recruit Baraka a man who has been a slave for over 10years. Baraka knew almost everyone in the campsite, so it was easy to recruit more people. They were able to recruit about 50 people within an hour. People thought he was a crazy pig for making such an idea of escaping, but they all decided to go with the crew since that was the only hope they had for freedom. They only had a few minutes to make a plan...


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