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Satan's Demise

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Satan’s Demise

Milton’s Satan does not need sympathy because he is selfish, ignorant, and after all that happens to him, he doesn’t repent and is still very hateful.
Satan does not deserve sympathy because he is selfish. Before Satan was Satan he was an angel alongside with God enjoying the endless benefits that heaven offers. Until one day he decided that what he had was not enough, he wanted more. So he decided that he wanted God’s spot, God’s power. He then rounded up a bunch of rebel angles and “raised impious war in Heaven.” He of course gets his butt royally kicked, and sent forever flaming down to the deep bowels of the under earth, what we now call Hell. Not only was the infamous Satan sent to Hell, but also his battle buddy angels were sent with him. They eventually all meet up to discuss what just happened, and all the angles hate him for what he put them up to, and what they lost because of him. Satan’s actions put his peers “swallowed up in endless misery.” For being so selfish in his quest for power by losing not only everything for him but he loses everything for his peers and for that he does not deserve sympathy.
Satan also does not need sympathy because he is ignorant. When Satan was still up in Heaven he should have thought things through a little. He should have done a little decision making before he rallied everyone up to attack God. He had to know that this was probably the worst thing you could possibly do. He blindly searches for power when he already had everything in front of him. He wanted more and would take down a bunch of fellow angles with him to prove it. His only argument against him not thinking and attacking God was, who would of known Gods “upmost power” really was that awesome, nobody has ever tried to go against him before. With all of Satan’s exploding ignorance, and stupidity he does not deserve sympathy.
Satan also does not deserve sympathy because after all that has happened he does not repent and is still very...


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