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Career Exploration

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My Interests and skills and why I chose these certain skills and interests.   First off I’m going to tell you about my interests.   First when I was younger I was really interested in fireman because my uncle was a fireman and I just idolized him because he would take me to some of the meets   and get me dressed out. Secondly I really want to be a lawyer because I like to argue and debate, also I am very interested in our country’s laws and why they were chosen as a law.   Third I was really interested in enforcing the laws as a peacekeeper or a police officer. I have skills that relate to these careers. First I like to research things I don’t know about like animals, people and insects sometimes there are some animals and people that have done some amazing things. Secondly I am very skilled in technology and fixing electronic things I can even fix some parts of vehicles. Third I like to do physical activities like running, weight lifting, and even sports I love sports. Fourthly I like to draw, paint, and sculpt, it’s what I spend 40% of my time doing. Finally I love to write short story’s it helps me clear my head and just write whatever comes to mind. The process I used to identify my interests and skills was that I would reflect to what I do with my free time and link that to a job it fits into.
BY: Koby Stark


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