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Murdock | Murdock believes that the family is a social group, consisting of a married partnership between two consenting adults of each sex, who have one or more children of their own, or adopted. The nuclear family contributes to four main factors: sexual, economic, reproduction and educational. Therefore defining the nuclear family. He believes that all families are an extension of the nuclear family, and is a universal institution with universal functions. |
Parsons | Parson’s argues that pre-industrial functions in society have been seized by industrial services. He claims that the family retains two ‘basic and irreducible’ functions: the primary stabilization of children, and the stabilization of adult personalities. |
Durkheim | Durkheim’s perspective on the family is that each member preserves a certain role to maintain social functions. He believes in traditional gender roles, where the dominant male goes to work, and the female stays at home. |


Engels | Engels believes in monogamous relationships, and subjecting women to inequality. They are a product of capitalism because of private property – before 1882 married women could not own property, it was passed onto their husband after marriage |
Zaretsky | Zaretsky suggests that the family serves capitalism by offering emotional security from the oppressive world of work, allowing such oppression to continue, leaving them in a state of false consciousness. |
Marx | Marx believes that the family reproduces capitalism, which enforces social control, leading to class inequality. This benefits the bourgeoisie, and alienates the proletariats. |


Delphy and Leonard | Delphy and Leonard believe that women make the main contribution to the family, whether they are working full time, or stay at home. They also believe omen are effected by emotional labor, as they provide emotional support for their husbands. |
Oakley | Oakley argues that parents play a...


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