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Women in Professional Sports

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Let the Girls Play
Thesis: Women should be allowed to play in professional sports leagues if there is no female league equivalent because there are a lot of women who are not able to use their talents.   Women are just as capable to play sports as their male counterparts, and everyone should be given the right to play professional sports, no matter their gender.
  I. Women are, at times, not given equal opportunities to play the sports in which they are talented.
      a. The National Football League has not yet allowed women to play.
      b. Very few women play on college sports teams of male dominated sports.
  II. Being a female is not a valid reason why one cannot play a male dominated sport.
      c. If a woman is willing to be treated like any other player, then she should be given the opportunity to play.
      d. Old stereotypes of women being too weak to compete with men are outdated.
  III. Everyone is supposed to have equal rights, and the rights should be recognized by allowing everyone, regardless of gender, to play the same sports.
      e. Women today are willing to play sports with men, but are not being given the same opportunities as men.
      f. Male dominated sports should take steps to allow women to participate.

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