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Deploying a Jdeveloper Soa Application to Oracle Weblogic Server 11g

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Deploying a JDeveloper SOA Application to Oracle WebLogic Server 11g

Deploying a JDeveloper SOA Application to Oracle WebLogic Server 11g
In this tutorial, you use Oracle JDeveloper 11g to deploy a SOA Web application to Oracle WebLogic Server 11g.

Time to Complete
2 hours

The tutorial covers the following topics: Overview Prerequisites Starting the Environment Testing the Application Creating the Application Server Connection Preparing the Application for Deployment Deploying and Managing the Application Running the Application Summary References

Viewing Screenshots
Place the cursor over this icon to load and view all the screenshots for this tutorial. (Caution: This action loads all screenshots simultaneously, so response time may be slow depending on your Internet connection.) Note: Alternatively, you can place the cursor over an individual icon in the following steps to load and view only the screenshot associated with that step. You can hide an individual screenshot by clicking it.

Run by a fictitious company called Global Company, the Fusion Order Demo provides two main applications: The storefront module (S o e r n M d l . w ): Provides a Web site where customers can browse and place orders for trFotouejs products; based on Oracle ADF Business Components and ADF Faces The SOA composite module (W b o i F s o O d r e o j s Provides back-end processing for customer orders e L g c u i n r e D m . w ): In this tutorial, you deploy the StoreFrontModule application and the SOA composite applications in the WebLogic Fusion Order Demo to a SOA-enabled Oracle WebLogic Server 11g domain that consists of: An Administration Server that hosts the Fusion MiddleWare Control console for performing administrative tasks A managed SOA server, which is an instance of an Oracle WebLogic Server that is used to host deployed applications You perform the following actions: You use JDeveloper to create a deployable Java EE archive that contains...


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