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School Uniform. Persuasive writing

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Persuasive writing
School uniform

An ongoing debate is whether uniform should be compulsory, In my personal opinion i don’t think uniform should be compulsory.  
My first point why uniform shouldn’t be compulsory is that no child should be forced to wear a uniform as   it takes away their individuality. Uniform almost makes kids seem like robots being forced to all where the same clothes, this could also cause bulling. Because all of school time pupils have been forced to wear the same things and pupils would feel anyone who doesn't fit in with the norm, is weird. As if everyone is being made to dress the same kids would think anyone not like everyone else was wrong or weird.   You can learn things about people just by looking at how they dress themselves. Your personality is represented by your appearance. But with school uniform pupils can’t get the chance to express their freedom and emotions with school uniforms; You have to wear uniform everyday over and over and over again and it gets really boring for example wearing a grey shirt and green trousers everyday is very bland.
Another reason why school uniforms are a bad idea is that it can cause controversy. Uniform can sometimes cause upset for example, rules like girls have to wear skirts can be seen as sexist. By letting children wear there own clothes you can avoid all the issues involved here.
Children also don’t like school uniforms. School uniform can make pupils feel the school aren’t listening to them so as results may start to cut class or slack. Kids could also slack in class because they are too busy fixing their itchy uniform.


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