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Of Mice and Men. How does Steinbeck present and use setting?

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How does Steinbeck present and use setting in of Mice and Men?
In the description of the settings in John Steinbecks 1929, Californian book OMAM sets the tone for…
The bunk house.
The people in the bunk house had no freedom, no luxury, just a place to live nothing special, more of a plain place to live. Steinbeck describes the bunk house as…   “It was long, rectangular building, inside there were white washed walls, floor unpainted. In three walls there was there was small, square windows and in the fourth was a solid door with a wooden latch.” Steinbeck shows that the bunk was no place for freedom; it was more like a prison. As the American men in that time weren’t there for the fun they were there for the work and to get money.
In the novel the writer suggests that they would not get and luxury possessions at all, neither the beds being soft with quilts and matrasses. “Against the wall their where eight bunks, five of them with blankets and three of them showing their burlap ticking.” Steinbeck has wrote this to show the audience that, no one got the luxury’s back then, they had live and sleep in dirty and infested places, bugs and flies could get in, you could get ill, but this is one of the only places you could get a job, living on a ranch.
After Steinbeck had described that life was hard, and no one had luxury’s he still, mentioned the fact that the men on the ranch still had a good time and played games. “In the middle of the room stood a squared table littered with playing card and around it were old boxes for the players to sit on.” Steinbeck has made the audience see that there might be quite a bad side working on a ranch, but they can have a laugh and a drink as well.

Crooks room.

Crooks room was a barn, because he was a stable buck. His room is very basic and is full of his and only his possessions. “And scattered about the floor were a number of personal of possessions; for being alone.” Steinbeck has used this in the text...


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