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Asuu Strike 2013!!!

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Infact, experience need be shared.
And I must confess.
I was delighted at first.
You laugh @ me!
Were you not happy?
But presently am bored.

This is my first strike experience.
The one I had previously was
During my admission procession.
Which had no effect on me like this.
As I've being on strike for 4 years
After my secondary school.
You want to know why?
Its a long story.

Now that I wears black and white.
The ASUU Strike sadly undressed it.
It was tagged an indefinite strike.
And they definitely stand by it.
Disagreeing with the F.G. adamancy.
Let me ask you or you ask yourself.
Is the F.G. really incapable
To grant the ASUU's request?
They are! But non chalantly
Take education with levity.

Truely! It is an indefinite and
Unlimited season film.
Today! We are on season 3.
The season 1 marks the Ramadan
Fasting period throughout July.
Which ultimately makes it
A Ramadan Break for the students,
Ramadan leave for the staffs,
And Ramadan holiday for MSS
Which paves way for, and ease Ibadah.

The season 2 held in August
Wherein the stacatto started.
As many female students got impregnated.
And male students enjoy in police custody.
Those jacking at home
Got their brain formatted.
Everyone therefore ululate.
Parents complain children turns cankerworm
Feeding them surpasses when in school.
So, they want them back to school.

This menacing comotion continues
And repeats itself in season 3
Wherein am scribling this at its end.
May God be our strength.

Beware! This strike houses two entities.
Opportunity and Calamity.
Those studying and preparing
Are holders of Opportunity.
Those who fails to prepare
Could be victims of Calamity.
He who fails to prepare
Prepares to fail.

Tomorrow is another day.
Lest get prepared as if the strike
Will be called off tomorrow.
Personally, I've not being studying.
But I'll start today- its not too late.
Because at the...


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