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Art and Medicine

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Music and Medicine

What it Means to be a Nurse
Nursing is a profession that I have wanted to become a part of for quite some time, prior to beginning my journey.   Nurses are the backbone of the medical profession and represent the best of medical professionals.   A skilled nurse shows knowledge in her craft, compassion for those in her care and a love for people, because nursing would not be possible without all these.   My philosophy toward nursing has been shaped by my various medical experiences.   I have sold medical supplies, worked as a Patient Care Technician and completed Certified Nurses Assistant training prior to becoming a Registered Nurse.   These experiences have improved my abilities, bedside manner and given me an insight on caring for patients.
I believe that nursing reveals a compassionate, humanitarian nature in those who choose it as a profession.   Nursing is a culmination of knowledge in both the abstract and tangible. It is an amalgamation of social, behavioral, and physical sciences.   My nursing approach is a combination of patient advocacy, communication, and education, an informed patient is much more likely to be able to help with their own care.   Educated patients are able to better understand and adhere to their plan of care.   Communicating with the patients is just as important as treating them, allowing patients to be involved in the decision making process gives them a sense of control about their illness and outcome.  

Choice of Nursing
Vitoria Alberti, Manager of Kaiser Permanente’s Georgia Breast Center was quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution as saying “Great nurses are born not made.   (Raines, 2012)” It is for this reason that I don’t think I chose nursing, I think nursing chose me.   I see nursing as a calling, not a profession.   “The roots of nursing are firmly anchored in the service to others (Creasia & Parker, 2007, p. 51).”   I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, nursing...


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