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Human Impact in Illahee State Park
The effect of humans hasn’t drastically affected Illahee State Park, but it has affected the park enough for it to be easily noticed. When I first entered the park I saw that there were fences protecting/blocking humans from entering that certain part of the park, these fences were made by humans. Also when I entered the park I saw a parking lot and a playground. These creations were also made by humans, but to me these creations negatively affect Illahee state park, because in order to create these create the parking lot and playground, humans had to mow down and get rid of areas of trees, shrubs, ferns, and etc.. Therefore the humans are getting rid of food resources and places that animals use.   Another way humans have impacted Illahee state park is that scattered across the park English Ivy can easily been seen, English Ivy is an aggressive invasive plant species that originally came from England, but somehow ended up in Washington. English Ivy negatively affects Illahee state park because it can prevent shrubs and trees from receiving sunlight. The Pacific Yew Tree is very important to humans, because doctors discovered that the berries that this tree creates are very important medicine for that people that have cancer.

Although I only saw a few animals (wildlife) while touring Illahee state park, there was evidence of other animals living in this park and there was also plants that lived there to. While walking I saw quite a few trees that possessed holes that woodpeckers had made, also when I looked above me. In the branches of the trees I saw nests, theses nests could belong to woodpeckers or they may belong to another type of bird. At the end of our tour when we reached the beach, there were many seagulls and crows scattered across the beach looking for food. Besides there being different types of birds living in Illahee state park, there were also plant organisms living on the forest floor; stinging...


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