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Management Information System ( Mis )

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Suppose you are the Chief Manager in a distribution firm, how will you implement MIS in the organisation?

Success of a business depends on the quality of supports the MIS gives to the management.
Business environment is prone to changes and factors such as Market forces, Technological changes, Complex diversity of business, Competition and Environment has significant impact on the business and make business planning very complex. The MIS design is suppose to provide insight into these factors and provide information at all the three levels of Management for strategy formulation.

Implementation of MIS in an organisation is a complex process and a lot of understanding and thinking is required for its successful implementation.

The following are the ways in which, I as the Chief Manager will implement MIS.

Implementation of MIS :

Depending on the position in the total MIS plan, the choice of the system or the sub-system, the size of the system, the users understand of the system, the complexity and its interface with other systems, the designer develops an independent system and then integrates this system with other systems by taking inputs from all the three levels of people, thus enlarging the system scope and meeting the varying information needs of the organisation.

The real difficulty in MIS is the degree of structure and formalising it into the system and procedures. This determines the timing and duration of development of the system. Higher the degree of structuredness and formalisation, greater is the stabilisation of the rules, the procedures, decision making and the understanding of the overall business activity. Here, it is observed that the user’s and the designer interaction are smooth, and each other’s need are clearly understood and respected mutually. The development becomes a methodical approach with certainty in input-process and outputs.

Implementation of MIS can be achieved by using any of...


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